Train of Freedom is a feature documentary about post-war reconciliation in Kosovo presented through a journey in the country’s railway system. Meet the people, hear their stories and learn first hand the hopes and challenges of this new nation.
Director Karina Correa
Filmmaker born in Bogota, Colombia. Karina lives and works in New York, she studied at the School of Visual Arts and graduated with Outstanding Achievement. Since then, she has been involved with independent media directing a broad range of projects including award winning shorts, animation, music videos and documentaries. Train of Freedom is her first feature film. Visit Karina's site to learn more about her works.
Producer Petrit Pula Born in New York City, Petrit spent his childhood in Prishtina, Kosova. He moved back to NYC in 1991 and after graduating with a BBA degree, he decided to work in the arts. His passion for music has led him to become the label manager and A&R at Nublu Records, one of the most vibrant independent record labels in New York. Apart from his work there, he continues to apply his expertise to various projects. Train of Freedom is his first feature film that he has produced.

DP Regjep Ahmetaj

Born in Brussels, Belgium Regjep grew up in Prishtina, Kosova. He moved back to Brussels in 1991. Regjep is a successful camera reporter working for several years at the prestigious RTL TVI, the leading TV channel in French-speaking Belgium. He is also involved in filmmaking having directed and produced projects of his own. Regjep's participation was essential in the planning and making of Train of Freedom.


Editors Frank Kalero, Karina Correa
Music Supervisor Petrit Pula
Text Editor Besnik Pula
Interpreter Berna Caka
Animation Will White
Sound Michael Kiaer, Petrit Pula
Translation Eroll Kukaj, Erza Pula
Publicity Ilir Rizaj
Intern Ximena Sanchez
Music Fanfara Tirana
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